A footbike is for everybody

A footbike doesn’t care how old you are, what state your muscles are in, how much you weigh and whether or not you do sport regularly. It will stretch your muscles and provide you with fun and health benefits, no matter who you are.


A footbike forms your figure

 A footbike can help form many parts of the body. Surprisingly, this does not only mean the legs and the buttocks, but also your core and arms. 

You lean on your arms when riding a footbike, but you do not hold your shoulders in a stiff position as when riding a bicycle. On the contrary, your arms work during each kick off and during the subsequent balancing process. This means that you strengthen them using your own weight, which is ideal. Your abdomen also comes into play during the same movement, so your abdominal muscles will be worked and stretched. Our footbikes have no seats, because that is healthy. You alternate the standing leg and also the foot you use to kick off with, which will result in your thigh muscles strengthening.


Health benefits
  • improve your health  
  • improving mental health (stress-reducing)
  • helps with weight loss
  • Help with rehabilitation (low impact on knees, heels hips, joints generally; back pain relief)



Personal fitness
  • improve the general fitness level
  • strengthening the main muscle groups at the same time, symmetrically
  • excellent substitute for people who can’t run anymore, mostly due to  injuries but want to stay active
  • footbiking is a more complex  exercise than cycling
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