A surprising study on health and fitness...

A surprising study on health and fitness...

A scientific study undertaken by Czech experts has confirmed that riding a footbike has a fundamental impact on health, directly influencing general mobility and contributing to good physical condition.
Nowadays, it is all the rage to claim that anything is good for our health, involving pills, drinks, or various activities and forms of movement. However, all of this remains within the realm of theory or just high hopes, unless it is backed up with relevant expert research. It is therefore pleasing that the health benefits of footbike riding have been confirmed by a study conducted by Czech experts, all of whom are specialists in rehabilitative medicine, physiotherapy, and computer kinesiology. The study is all the more interesting because it has been performed on senior citizens, who tend to have significant problems with mobility that substantially reduce their quality of life. The results of the research project were also very surprising to the medical specialists...


You can combine outdoor leisure activities with taking care of your health thanks to a footbike. Moving in the fresh spring air is an excellent way to boost your body's immunity and improve your fitness. A footbike is suitable for all age groups, from children to senior citizens. A study conducted by leading Czech experts in cooperation with the Czech footbike manufacturer, Kostka, describes the positive effects of footbike riding on health.

A footbike is a way to achieve good health and excellent physical fitness

Footbikes have long since ceased to be only for children! Riding a footbike is a unique type of physical activity that is becoming increasingly popular among adults. And no wonder – most of the muscle groups are activated when riding, it has a positive effect on the condition of the joints in the lower limbs and it shapes the muscles in an undemanding way. These well-known assumptions formed the impetus for the preparation of the expert pilot study.

The initial hypothesis has subsequently been verified with practical tests and measurements regularly used in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine, such as tests of active and passive movements (rotation and lateral flexion of the torso, abduction of the upper limbs in the glenohumeral joint, flexion in the hip joint, the Lasègue test, and dorsal and plantar flexion of the ankle, knee, and entire limb), as well as soft tissue tests.

Riding a footbike is also a very suitable and beneficial activity for people who are slightly or generally overweight. A footbike can also be used as an effective weight loss tool.

Riding helps us stay lubricated...

The investigated parameters have led to a number of conclusive graphs showing improved mobility, which we do not, however, want to bother you with here. The results are very pleasing and the title chosen for this section is by no means a printer's or author's error. It can be said with only slight exaggeration that a mere three-quarters of an hour spent riding a footbike affects the body like an excellent "lubricant".

The course of the testing and the used parameters

A total of 45 people, 10 men and 35 women, with an average age of 68, took part in two different tests in May and August 2019. The absolute majority of them had never stood on a footbike before. The average age indicates reduced mobility, and the positive results of the study are therefore a hopeful report for more than just senior citizens.

What was investigated?

Ing. Otakar Morávek provides more detail on the main focus when testing the riders' before-and-after condition:

It is true that virtually no other sport is able to strengthen the dorsal muscles like riding a footbike. Riding a footbike leads to the stabilization of the hips and torso, which helps eliminate back pain and stiffness. Unlike when running, it will also spare your joints and involve your entire body. It is, however, important to pay attention to choosing a suitable footbike, as only then will you achieve the required effect and enjoy the movement.

The research project has also revealed some effects that have a negative influence on health and fitness. Incorrectly applied riding techniques or the choice of a footbike with unsuitable geometry can lead to the systematic overloading of the musculoskeletal system and to an increase in muscular imbalance in the future. This can lead to permanent health damage in children, for example. An adult rider is fully responsible for their decisions, whereas in the case of children, the decision-making falls to their parents, who should pay the appropriate amount of attention when purchasing each piece of sports equipment.

The positive aspects of footbikes for health

Promoters of footbike riding recommend the footbike as a healthy, comprehensive, and compensatory means of movement, even during post-accident therapy after operations on the knees and hips, as well as slipped discs. At the same time, they also state that footbike riding leads to:

- the simultaneous engagement of the brains left and right hemispheres,  

- improvements to hip extension

- the strengthening of the muscles around the hips and knees,

- the strengthening of the muscles important for proper walking.

Riding a footbike can also help with weight loss and is a suitable replacement for any established cardio activities such as running or cycling.

More information on the health benefits of footbikes is available at:

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