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RENTAL LOCATION: Our location in Elk Grove Village is ideal for footbiking,

as we are situated near the scenic Busse Woods

7 mile Bike Path. This well-maintained trail offers

a 7 mile paved loop around the lakes and ponds.

DELIVERY OPTION: We offer a convenient service of delivering footbikes straight to your home.There is an additional charge for this service. Simply let us know your address and preferred time for delivery, and we will handle the rest. Our aim is to make footbiking as accessible and hassle-free as possible for our customers.

PICK UP OPTION: Footbikes are available for pick up in Elk Grove Village. 

Contact us today to arrange  footbike rental.

For rental call / text 847-354-9191 or email


1 DAY : $30

2 DAYS: $45

3 DAYS: $60

4 DAYS: $80